About Lotus


Lotus was founded in 2016 by Fiona Lamb.

Secretary: Canice Harridge
Treasurer: Braden Lamb

Fiona’s story – In 2014 I volunteered for 2 years with a National program, doing makeovers for cancer. I loved seeing the fragility of these women transform with a little love, compassion and generosity of spirit.

Although the program gifted a full set of makeup for these ladies unfortunately it was not organic. As I am an organic hairdresser and passionate about organic living and holistic health practices I wanted to enlighten and educate others on the difference of lowering toxic overload on already compromised immune systems. Also I wanted to provide an ongoing program to support them on their journey.

Since my own life partner had an auto immune disease I understood the impact of living with chronic illness.

In 2016 I suffered a life changing health scare myself. I was bedridden for a couple of months with a debilitating back condition which would only get worse without some major life changes. Without these changes my health and livelihood were in jeopardy.

It was during this period that I had the time to create the business plan and dream of founding this program.

I wanted to not only provide a respite/pamper day I wanted to expand the participant participation to not only cancer warriors, but to auto immune diseases, mental health, and disability. In the last 2 years we realised that the carers of these individuals was an imperative service and under valued.

Their cups needed filling in order to continue providing care and support to those in need. Carers provide an invaluable service to community and save government billions of dollars by enabling sufferers to stay in their own homes, not further burdening hospitals and care facilities.

We also decided to offer a comprehensive ongoing program for our participants to connect, educate and be uplifted, on a regular basis with our education and activity sessions held on the alternate month. These sessions include a professional speaker in holistic health and well-being and an activity using organic and holistic practice.

We have been honoured over the past 7 years to have some exemplary leaders in these fields attend on a voluntary basis, as they are also passionate about promoting cleaner lifestyles and have been altruistic ambassadors for Lotus.

Today we have over 120 regular volunteers that provide services offered at our events as well as administration, grant writing, tax services, delivery of our equipment, washing of towels, morning teas and much more that are all needed in order to execute this program to the excellence that we are all proud to be part of.

This year we aim to expand our services to new locations and have exciting changes in place to continue the growth of Lotus. If you would like to be part of a fabulous, fun tribe either as a volunteer, participant or sponsor we would love to have you.

Love & Light
Fiona Lamb


Our mission is To Educate & Uplift participants in a safe, loving & nurturing environment integrating Organic and alternate healing modalities.

Our Team

Fiona Lamb
Founder / Director
Fiona Lamb is the Founder of Lotus Living Organically Inc. Back in 2016 she had a vision of providing a fully organic, charity based support program which incorporated education and ongoing support for chronically ill people in our Community. Fiona has enjoyed over 40 years in the hairdressing and events industries, of which the last 15 years she has incorporated organic products in her ever busy bespoke Hair Salon. Having a passion for organic health, holistic health & well-being and a strong believer in giving back to the Community, Fiona volunteered for two years with an organisation providing make over mornings for cancer patients.Her involvement in this group inspired her to create LOTUS Inc. Lotus is now in its 7th year of service with over 120 volunteers, also partnering with several leading Gold Coast integrative clinics who provide education at Lotus bi-monthly events. Fiona believes that knowledge is power, the more that people understand about health, the more empowered decisions they can make about their own health. The Lotus program has evolved over the years into a comprehensive, multi-event, offering many modalities and professional therapists to our local Community – thus introducing participants to many different kinds of modalities to support their health.
Braden Lamb

Braden Lamb’s background is in the Real Estate industry. Braden has a strong social & active interest of the Gold Coast.

Volunteering in the local rural fire brigade, hosting an annual fundraising event for Cystic fibrosis & volunteering at feeds for the homeless with the Rosie’s association. His expertise in fundraising, event management, marketing & social media are integral to our team.

Canice Harridge
Secretary / Nerang Team Leader

Canice Harridge has a background in event management. She is also a health & wellness advocate, lomi lomi Massuer & has business management skills to help power our events to the next level of professionalism.

Canice thrives on helping others & her gentle altruistic nature & leadership skills are paramount when organising our large volunteer base & conversing with our participants. She is passionate about holistic health & an asset to our team.

Image 26-2-2023 at 9.03 am
Samantha Hill
Burleigh Team Leader

Hi, my name is Samantha and I’m here to support you and to hold a safe space for you to gently transform and navigate a way for your Soul to Shine as Leader at Lotus’s Burliegh events.

I am a PKP (Professional Kinesiology Practices) Kinesiologist, Rekindled Ancient Wisdom (RAW) Kinesiologist, Acutonics L1 Practitioner, Meditation and Sound Healing Facilitator and the creator of the 7wk Blissed Out Chakras Program.

I enjoy volunteering for Lotus as it’s my way of supporting our community and helping to make a difference in people’s lives.
Lotus is a cause I’m very passionate about, being a natural and alternative health and healing program.

Anne Anderson
Financial Controller

Anne has supported Fiona in her journey with Lotus since founding in 2016. Anne is an upstanding Gold Coast community member of 30+ years. 

She has run her own business’s in the hospitality & hairdressing industry and has a good working knowledge of accounting and good business practices.

Her passion for Health & wellbeing inspired Fiona on her own journey to an organic and holistic lifestyle and the inception of the Lotus program.


Jess Murray's Dedication & Integrity to Service Award

Jess Murray sadly lost her life in a boating accident on the Broadwater GC 2018. Jess was a dedicated & joyful volunteer until her passing.

2018 Jennifer Laasanen
2019 Canice Harridge
2020 Brad Webber
2021 Kathleen Tysoe
2022 Michelle Chidgey

Annie Muir's Courage & Dedication To Service Award

Annie Muir bravely fought a long battle with Cancer.
Annie was integral at the inception of Lotus lending knowledge & support of our dream for Lotus.
Annie was our ambassador until her passing in 2018.

2018 Katie Lou
2019 Maggie Warren
2020 Robyn Smartt
2021 Robyn Robins
2022 Deborah Bates

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